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EDG Pre-Workout

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Product Overview

Introducing EDG PRE – a game-changing supplement designed to ignite your workouts and unlock your true potential. Fuel your fitness journey with EDG PRE, the ultimate pre-workout formula loaded with the highest dose of EAA’s, creatine, and a touch of a fat burning effect with cognitive focus that empowers you to push your limits, burn fat, initiate recovery and surpass all expectations!

EDG PRE is meticulously crafted using a cutting-edge blend of scientifically researched ingredients, ensuring that every scoop delivers a potent surge of energy, focus, and endurance. Prepare to experience a whole new level of performance enhancement as EDG primes your body and mind for intense training sessions. This product does not contain any artificial dyes and is naturally flavored. 


(12 reviews) Write a Review

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  • 5
    Phenomenal & Healthy

    Posted by Carol K on Jun 10th 2024

    Pre workout is phenomenal! I take it about 30 minutes prior to workout, I’m laser focused and definitely a mood booster. I lift heavier than before and I’m ready to order more! I’ve been using it for over a month now and have seen excellent results! I do love that it has healthy ingredients in it!

  • 5
    Must Get Product!

    Posted by Alex Bernitt on Jun 2nd 2024

    I drink this about an hour before a workout and it elevates my workouts to the next level. I train harder than ever and have more energy than I’ve ever had before. Tastes amazing also. Must purchase for anyone wanting to take their training to the next level!

  • 5
    High impact across the board - 100000% recommend

    Posted by Anne on Jun 2nd 2024

    Coming from a background in collegiate sports, as well as maintaining an active lifestyle, I’ve tried a number of pre-workout drinks to heighten performance… I can confidently say that none of them came close to producing the results I’ve seen in the last few weeks using EDG. You name it, and I’ve seen an uptick in productivity / effectiveness - strength training, cardio, golf, work focus (I use the intra on non-training days, as well) - and I could not be happier with this addition to my supplementation and nutrition regimen. Go out and get some to feel the difference!

  • 5
    Insane Mood and strength Booster

    Posted by Manny Castaneda on May 28th 2024

    In as short as 2 weeks! I noticed significant weight loss properties! The first day I used it I noticed immediately the powerful pinch of energy to fuel my strength training . I felt a mood boosting element to this preworkout! I train at 5am daily and within 30 minutes I’m alert and in a very happy and focused mood. It literally starts my day off right! I was also able to finish my training 30% faster due to the focus. I spent Less time on my phone and resting. I spent more time getting the job done! I will never take anything else!! This is magic .

  • 5

    Posted by Tyler Teague on May 27th 2024

    Great flavor, great results! fueled my entire workout and felt energy the entire time!

  • 5
    Pre workout and intra

    Posted by Emily Elwell on May 26th 2024

    3 people in our household use this. Feel like I can run through a brick wall. This stuff is amazing!

  • 5
    Pre and Intra

    Posted by Matthew Dawson on May 21st 2024

    I’ve been using Raw Nutritions pre and intra for the past year or so… My honest feedback after using your pre in and intra for the last several workouts is that i like these products and their formulas better…and im not just saying that.

  • 5
    Unlocking New Potential

    Posted by Nick on May 20th 2024

    This pre workout formula is amazing! It has unlocked new capabilities during my lift sessions. I have taken other pre workouts in the past and they all made me feel jittery and made me crash after effects wore off. However, edge’s formula gave me a constant clean boost of energy that lasted many hours with zero crash. It makes my morning workouts much more enjoyable where I previously only had the energy to do mid day workouts. Highly recommend!

  • 5
    The Best

    Posted by NG on May 20th 2024

    Finally a product you can call THE BEST on the market. Clean perfect ingredients to get you the results you want. I’ve tried them all and hands down this was made with passion and class. The pre workout I’ve been waiting for and well worth the wait.